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  • A Leading Company From India Enercon, Manufacturers/Suppliers All Different Grades Of Ex-Foliated Vermiculite. The Company Is The Most Reliable Source In India, With Finest Quality Of Vermiculite Manufactures Different Grades Of Ex-Foliated Vermiculite Under Strict Quality Control.
  • The Company Is Experience And Expertise Of Producing And Supplying Ex-Foliated Vermiculite And Vermiculite Based Products For Various Applications Of Thermal Insulation, Acoustics, Fire Proofing, High Temperature Insulation In Metallurgy And Industrial Sector, Agriculture Etc.
  • Enercon, Manufactures Ex-Foliated Vermiculite Based Products Which Satisfies All Type Of Insulation Criteria Are Economical, Are Having Life Long Functional Properties, Having Unique Features Compared To Other Similar Products Available And 100% Fire Resistant.
  • These Products Are Asbestos Free And Their Applications Is Very Easy And Maintenance Free. Vermiplast : A Specially Graded Light Weight Insulating Aggregate For Loose Fill Insulation In Cavity Wall And Over Suspended/False Ceiling , And Gysum Based Plaster For Wall Applications

Salient Features of vermiplast :

  • 100% inorganic and Asbestos free.
  • rot, odors , vermin proof
  • Light in weight and easy to handle.
  • Vermiplast : Is The Only Insulating Material Which Is Non-Toxic And Non-Flammable At The Time Of Fire.
  • Reduces unwanted heat flow making living comfortable.
  • Reduces the Air Conditioning Power Consumption upto 20 to 30%.

Dosage : 2 bag (i.e 20kg each) of vermiplast with 1 bag of OPC cement bag , water @ 70 litre

Comsumption table :

Layer Thickness ComsumptionIn kg Per ft²
50mm(2”) 1.00
75mm(3”) 1.50
100mm(4”) 2.00

Technical properties :

Density :vermiplast material (i.e vermiculite) vermiplast concrete 220- 280 Kg/ m³ 500 Kg/ m³
K value of concrete 0.12 w/mk
Compressive strength 4 Mpa / m²