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Water Proofing Compound for Plaster and concrete - fabrocrette
  • Fabrocrette is a single component fibrous copolymer admixture specially formulated to improve the properties of cementitious composition.
  • Fabrocrette reinforced concrete/plaster consists of millions of fibers uniformly distributed throughout concrete/plaster to create a one-step micro-reinforcement system. These fibers stop micro cracks that can develop because of water loss and shrinkage. The growth of these cracks are blocked by the fibers thus ending the crack in the micro stage and providing higher tensile strength capacity , it increases the mechanical properties such as bonding (adhesion)with various building material , flexural, compression, and impact strength.

Specific gravity 1.00
pH 8.5( 0.5 tolerance)
Solid contents 34-45 (1%)
Colour 5-40 'c
White fibrous liquid Approx 25 mm

* = indicates condition applied , custom made

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